Johnny La SAG-AFTRA Actor

Theatrical Manager:
Andrew Stawiarski

Theatrical Agent:
Deborah Graci

Commercial Agent:
Michael Zdarsky



About Johnny La
Energetic, passionate, and professional. I am an actor with over 10 years of experience in the Film/Television/New Media Project industry. I have relocated from my beautiful hometown of San Jose to take on the challenging industry of Hollywood.

I can be a big child at heart, and I will never forget my friends & family that have supported my acting journey. Since my bold move of making the journey down to Los Angeles, I have taken the time to train myself with fellow instructors and casting directors; specifically Stephen H. Snyder, Leo Rossi, and Dianne Hull. I continue to improve my craft today and constantly attend auditions to secure challenging roles.

I study at Rossi Snyder Theater Labs Hollywood, where I have the fortunate chance to be in front of many casting directors to view my performances. I am very versatile, playing from the typical nerd, to the strong law enforcement officer with many different dynamic skills to back up the roles. I look forward to continuing my career here in Hollywood, and at the same time, enjoy everything life has to offer.